TREVISO "S. Giuseppe".

The airport of Treviso (after alternating stories) has a respectable history as military airport.For decennia was home base of the 2nd Squadron with Fiat G-91. It has always occupied itself with commercial activities in the charter sector and as a back-up of Venice-Tessera. It has been opened to line traffic in june 1953 with services of BEA, Alitalia and Austrian Airlines. Only after the successive opening of the "Marco Polo" airport in august 1960, it converted to charter flights and until today remained back-up for Venice-Tessera during particular weather conditions.
Actually, with the entry of SAVE as handling company, it sees an remarkable increase of traffic also in the Low-Cost and Cargo sector. In fact thanks to Ryanair it enjoys multiple daily connections with London Stansted, Brussels, Rome, Paris and weekly flights with East Europe to Bucarest (Tarom) and Timisoara (Carpatiar).
For charters, seasonally and non, it sees itself connected to Greece, Spain and Egypt.
Since some years, thanks to carrier companies like DHL, UPS and TNT which tie the Trevisian Airport to Rome - Ciampino, Bergamo, Luik, Istanbul and Koln, also the Cargo sector became more important.
Furthermore the airfield includes the maintenance centre of the fighter AMX of the Italian Air Force, the 14th helicopter squadron of the Carabinieri (Military Police), the Aeroclub of Treviso and the executives Benair (Benetton), Luxottica, De Longhi, Replay and Diesel.