PADOVA "Gino Allegri"

The airport "Gino Allegri" of Padova from old war origins, always housed the regional or commuter traffic, given its close by renowned Hot Springs. Its activity has always remained limited, despite many temptation for development from the Regional Companies, because it has always been penalized for its size and the fact that by now it is completely surrounded by housing which makes it scarcely safe for this kind of exploitation. Today, despite that it became in the interest of SAVE, handling company of Marco Polo - Venice, it sees its alteration and development even more reduced.
Actually the main users remain the Aeroclub "Mariano d'Ayala Godoy", the SOATCC, the Command of Ist Air Brigade of Italian Air Force and the Fly-schools Air Columbia, Air Data, Airservices Nord-Est, Elicar, Air Corporate. The airport is also base for the Regional Air Ambulance Service.