TAIPEI Snapshots

Taoyuan International airport is one of two airports serving the Taiwan capital, Taipei. Located 40Km from Taipei, is the largest Taiwan's airports. It's the main international hub for China Airlines and Eva Air. The airport was formely know as Chiang Kai Shek Int. until the name was changed in 2006 to its current name.
P1180902 P1180805 P1180566 P1180568
P1180581 P1180585 P1180594 P1180598
P1180608 P1180611 P1180616 P1180618
P1180620 P1180626 P1180643 P1180647
P1180710 P1180716 P1180724 P1180738
P1180752 P1180762 P1180764 P1180765
P1180768 P1180772 P1180774 P1180776
P1180784 P1180789 P1180790 P1180794
P1180798 P1180803 P1180807 P1180810
P1180816 P1180817 P1180818 P1180857
P1180872 P1180881 P1180895 P1180897