AVIAPHOTOS was born when the last piston engines were still to be seen at civil airports.
Our association was born as brotherhood of people from Veneto who had a passion for aviation photography and to be more specific...spotters. At that time the association consisted of about 20 member, who were all young, and you know, male passions are short-lived, thus in about 20 years span many founders have left and were replaced by very few newcomers.
Now, together with the "dinosaurs", there are the newcomers who are turning white, and the late newcomers who will be turning grey within a few days.
The hang out place of our interests is the airport of Venice, which is our pain and delight, because it has a very interesting traffic, but at the same time is practically unaccessible for photographers.
It is also for this reason that perseverance and temperance ( well-know virtues of spotters ) make us travel a lot, with the "objective" for both these meanings to obtain interesting chances for a click.
The fact is, let's be realist, AVIAPHOTOS is a very peculiar association, which is proud to have some exceptional members….such as for example: the only accountant with humanistic backgroud that came out from national schools, then there is the only spotter in the world who smokes with a cigarette holder, a spotter who looks for correspondents to exchange slides with once he starts this he realises he doesn't have enough material….
Then again there is the only spotter in the world who takes pictures of planes from a hangar without any light and no flash!! ( he's very good at it); then we have a spotter who does not leave Italy because he is not interested in photographing anything does not have "MM" or the "I-..." ( however to photograph ferries he goes to Greece ) there is a spotter determined to break the world record for writing a book time ( six years so far, but we hope that by 2008 he'll have two chapters to go ) and, finally, there is the one who has the luck to work on apron and make us burst with envy.
There, this is AVIAPHOTOS is about!!!
Now you can go and take a look at our photo gallery... and remember the pictures you'll see are beautiful pictures…..just have keep in mind that the most beautiful ones will be the ones we will take tomorrow!